Jack Frost Is Near And A Leaky Roof Might Cost You Dear!

When the leaves start to turn to that beautiful arrangement of a million shades of brown, orange, yellow and green; when the birds start to flock south and the days start getting shorter; you know autumn is here and winter is not far around that icy corner…

When winter does arrive you’ll not want to be left out in the cold with a leaky roof or perhaps even no roof! Whether it’s a garage roof, a conservatory roof, a house roof or a flat roof – you’ll need a professional roofing company to fix that minor damage before it turns into something far more disastrous. That’s how our company can help you providing you with roof repairs in Chester in the fine county of Cheshire, UK.

You should get your roof looked over by a professional service

There are several reasons you should get Aspect Roofing Services in Chester to look over any damage your roof has. Mainly because we’re highly skilled professionals with umpteen years of experiences’ having worked as flat roofers in Chester for domestic and commercial customers, building house roofs from scratch and also installing garage roofs, fascias and even guttering services (an often overlooked seemingly small problem that can lead to huge damp issues).

Read about the insurance claim facts below about domestic roofs from the winter of 2010 from http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/mortgageshome/article-2071600/How-protect-house-winter-cold-weather-3m-homes-damaged-year.html

These facts are not fiction

The facts here are statistics provided by Direct Line Insurance from 2010:

  • 40% of homes are vulnerable to issues related to the cold this winter
  • 3 million claims were put in for property damage last winter
  • 35% of these claims were related to damaged roofs in need of repair

Yes it’s the last bullet point that you should be worried about. Let’s do the maths: one million and fifty thousand homes that were affected with roof damage in the year of 2010. Quite a staggering figure considering this is the information provided by just one insurance company.

Don’t leave it any longer else you’ll be using our 24/7 call out service!

We’re a 24/7 emergency call out roofing company so should you need someone in the middle of the night or any hour for that matter then please make sure you call us on 01244 752 289 and we will gladly assist but remember prevention is better than cure. Here you can read about a few things we’ve noticed during our experiences over the years that have started small and then blow up into big problems and water damage throughout the property.

Loose tiles

A loose tile might not seem like a huge problem at first especially since the asphalt liner underneath still protects your home from heavy rain. Now imagine this: winter is here and there’s a gale – the tile comes off and all of a sudden the asphalt is completely exposed. A gust of wind rips up the asphalt and it tears away. You’re asleep and wake the next morning to find gallons of water has leaked into the loft space and destroyed an entire bedrooms ceiling. This could have been prevented if you asked a professional to come and fix that one single tile.

Gutter or no gutter that is the question!

Your gutter has blown off or broke. You don’t bother to replace it yet after several weeks of typical British weather you find out that you have a damp patch crawling its way up the front room wall. On further inspection you realise the rain spilling from your roof has made a huge hole in the ground outside down to the foundations and the splashes have been soaked up the wall destroying your front room wall paper. Installing a new gutter is a quick job that could have prevented this contents damage.

How Aspect Roofing Services – Chester can help you:

Aspect Roofing Services are highly trained, professionals who can help you with all your winter roofing problems. We operate in Chester but also have a large customer base operating as roofers in Wrexham so please don’t wait until it’s too late and contact us with the email form above, on 01244 752 289 or info@aspectroofingservices.co.uk

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